Very low download speed

I added Cloudflare as CDN mainly for my image data. Unfortunately, its performance is way worse than the one of my server. Take as an example. This is a 2mb JPEG file which loads in about 500ms from my server. When using - which is routed over Cloudflare - then it takes a whopping 7s, sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more, although it’s in your cache and I’m using ARGO routing. Is there any problem at your side or am I doing something wrong?


My results seem quite the opposite of yours:

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Using Performance Test - Check URL Speed From 10 Global Locations | KeyCDN Tools

vs with Cloudflare which is faster - especially for further away geographical locations from your origin server

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Thanks for your replies. TTFB was not the problem, but low download speed. Apart from that, the results varied too much for me using different providers, so I decided to try another CDN provider. Thanks anyway.

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