Very long response times from support. @Cloudflare, please update your response time estimates

Looking for some input from other users on here. I am beginning to feel somewhat cheated by the promised turnaround times for CF tickets.

The Free tier states a ‘median response time’ for e-mails of less than 24h.

Pro: Less than 4h. (This is the tier I am on)

Business: Less than 2h.

Enterprise: Less than 1h.

There is a notice stating that COVID is causing delays, of an unspecified severity. I fully understand the issue. I am also impacted by COVID, so I can only imagine what an organisation like Cloudflare must be experiencing.

It took 8 days to get a first response. Anyway, it has now been another 6 days. (Remember, on a ‘median’ response time of 4h + COVID delays).

I desperately need a better estimation of how long tickets take to turn around. I would also strongly recommend that the estimates on this page[1] (and related pages) are either removed or updated with massively increased timeframes, to ensure CF’s customers can manage their customers’ expectations.
I have to be able to rely on this information and currently I just can’t at all.

How is everyone else experiencing support at the moment? Is anyone on the Business / Enterprise plans and doing better?

P.s. This message is not intended to push my specific issue in front of the line. I am simply after some input from other community members (or CF representatives) on how long their support queries are taking currently, so that I can tell my customers what to expect.

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