Very good service but not today


I had to bash both Cloudflare and DK-Hostmaster today.

I have tried to redelegate a dk domain to Cloudflare since the beginning of December. But either of them has been able to solve it. Now whe searching the forum I saw that there is issues with dk domains, but that there probably are a solution. Strange that no one at Support seems to know about it.

So I have given my first one-star rating at Trustpilot for both Cloudflare and DK-Hostmaster.


I’m sure someone at Support knows how to get it to work. Can you post the Ticket #?

Or maybe you could describe the problem if you’d like some assistance from the Community.


Yup, exactly someone knows, but it’s a bit to late for that.
We have opened a new ticket:


And it’s a known bug for 2 years.


And Cloudflare has a solution according to this forum.

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Still no progress after 1 month.


Let’s see if @Ryan or @cloonan can clear this up: Ticket #1629061


Hi @molnfront, sorry you’re having issues with the name server changes. I see the ticket and added some detail and link to this conversation. This article has good detail on moving the zone,, in particular the section on European registrars may be helpful. This is not a bug but it is a limitation of European registrars when assigning different nameservers within the same DNS.

Can DK revert to your original name servers? If so and those servers respond, we can validate the zone.


Ok, I try to talk/email them.


I realy need advice how to deal with dk-hostmaster.

How do I describe to them so they understand?

They answer every second day or less and with a nonsens answer.

Last answer:

Dear Göran Svensson


I have run this test in Zonemaster. So the nameserver manager can see the issue.

Tell them to fix the issues and then you will be able to change to those nameservers.

Med venlig hilsen/Best Regards

Jytte - DK Hostmaster A/S

I have forwarded your messages and also attached pictures of the problem and have to tried very detailed to describe the problem. But so far no luck with the support after more than one month.

What should we do?


Hi @molnfront, we have a couple of threads going on so I want to make sure everything is clear, I apologize if some of this is redundant:

Goal - move from one Cloudflare account to a new Cloudflare account.
Blocker - The name servers are responsive from the old account and set to:

$ dig ns +short

as a result, the registrar DK is unable to change the name servers.

Action - From the old account (the one with Pat & Lee servers), delete the zone and ask support to purge it per this information,

Steps After Above Action - Once the zone is purged from the old account, ask DK to revert your name servers to their original settings, verify they are responsive, add the zone to Cloudflare and note the new nameservers assigned to your account, give those names to DK and ask them to update from the original name servers to the new ones.

The above all assumes you are unable to access the existing account and that after delete & purge DK can successfully change the name servers.


Our goal is to use a dk domain with Cloudflare pointing to a Google Docs website.

Our goal is not to move between different Cloudflare accounts.

I am not aware that trommeteambuilding has more than one account. In the one account that we know about we have now deleted the zone and wrote about it in the last ticket.

So hopefully I just have to wait now until I see that the name server for the zone has disapered.


OK, got it, thank you. Based on what I can see on the zone started using cloudflare name servers 5 months ago, and from the dig above, the domain still has cloudflare name servers.

The domain is with a European registrar meaning it is subject to their limitations on assigning different nameservers within the same DNS in case the domain was active in Cloudflare before. Waiting is not going to help, the old name servers won’t disappear unless they are actively and successfully changed.


Ok, so they wont even go away by deleting and purging the zone in the Cloudflare account?


It needs to be purged from the current account that is assigned the Lee & Pat servers. If you own the domain and that account is not under your control and you did not change the name servers to pat & lee, you should let support know. You may also want to follow with DK to understand what prompted them to assign lee & pat.

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