Very few cached requests?

Hello guys, just wondering if this would be expected, I have everything running as default on Cloudflare, and we have an SSL cert on our domain, went full SSL on Cloudflare and the cached requests seem to be a fraction of actual requests, is this normal for a site running Cloudflare for approx 1 week now?. I understand there are a whole host of settings in the Cloudflare dashboard which we could likely tweak, namely page rules, etc, but my concern is that as we are running an ecommerce site (prestashop) I’m a tad apprehensive of caching “all” as I know this would affect a lot of dynamic pages, something which we can’t do, and I understand we could exclude the likes of the login page, etc, but still, I’m certain if we cache all we will likely run into an issue somewhere so I’m wondering are the ‘uncached’ requested a result of everything dynamic that isn’t cached, or am I sniffing glue and way off the mark here?. Any advice welcome :slight_smile:
NB - in the last 24 hours we’ve had nearly 5000 uncached requests, and 940 cached.


We’re at :slight_smile:

I only checked your main page but as far as I can tell your cacheable resources all seem to get properly cached.

Thanks for taking the time to check sandro, I’m kinda thinking it’s probably because we’re purely running on cached static content, but I wouldn’t have thought dynamic content or HTML would have resulted in so many requests, but the speed is great, the site is working and I’m delighted with the results so far, just wanted to make sure we weren’t missing anything. Probably me just trying to be greedy and looking to see more cached results lol, cheers for that anyway :slight_smile:

One would probably need to check the entire site for caching hits, but your main page looks all right so far. Can you check your other pages and whether their resources also get cached properly?

It does appear we’re getting a hit on all the other pages too, so would be fair to assume Cloudflare is doing it’s job, the thing that does confuse me a tad is if we test an example page ( the results come back as a hit, but the breakdown of the page content comes back with around 50% image, with HTML taking around 10% only, surely that’s not indicative of a low cache rate on the dashboard?. I might be mis-understanding the cache dashboard on Cloudflare, but if we say as a minimum Cloudflare is caching images only, and no JS or CSS (obviously not HTML) then my maths would say roughly a 50/50 ratio of cache/non-cache, but the dashboard indicates a much lower cache return?.

… hold the bus, I’ve just looked at the Analytics on CF again and in the past few hours it does appear our cache is rising!!. For example, yesterday we were getting around 31/248 ratio, in the past few hours we’re seeing 146/183 which is probably more than I would have expected now given my train of thought above, but overall in the past 24 hours we’re showing 1310 cached and 4655 uncached … could it be the cache still needs time, or are we too early in the stats to come to a conclusion :slight_smile:

Do your visitors come from different regions or rather from a relatively homogeneous set of locations?

If it is the former, it can take some time until all Cloudflare datacentres have your files cached and until then cache requests will be a MISS.

If they are all from the UK (and assuming they all are routed via UK datacentres) that should be less of an issue, however Cloudflare still has three datacentres in the UK (Edinburgh, London, and Manchester) and these three still to populate their caches as well.

Ahh!, well we do attract a lot of visitors from all over the world, USA particularly but mostly UK and Europe so we do have a mixed bag so to speak but the cache is def performing better today than in previous days, could be as you say, sporadic regions …


In that case it could simply have been that it took some time until the major datacentres had their caches populated. Just make sure you have no page rule configured which might artificially lower your edge cache TTL and you should be fine.

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Thanks for that, we’ve just left the page rules alone, nothing in place there at all :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the advice

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