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When I look at my Cloudflare statistics, I see that almost all of the requests are uncached. I have 1 or 2 requests from time to time that are cached. bandwich is saved on the other hand.

  • I am hosted by A2hosting where I pay the Cloudflare addon.
  • I have installed the Cloudflare plugin on my wordpress website (following all the recommandation on the set up article)
  • I tried to create a page rule (this is my site) with the cache everything setup

Nothing has changed, I let 1 week and dozens of visit to make sure that it works or not. it doesn’t !
I read support articles several times and forums but I don’t see where is my mistake or the problem.

My last hope is someone here will help me understand and solve the problem otherwhise I will have to change the CDN provider which I want to avoid.

Thank you,

Your root domain is not being proxied through Cloudflare and while your www site is, it redirects to the root.

You can do one of the following: Either change your site at your host to use the www version or
sign up with Cloudflare directly and transfer your nameservers to it so you can put the root behind Cloudflare.

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Thank you for your answer. I am hosted at a2 hosting and I though that their integrated Cloudflare module would anticipate this kind of set up. Obviously not.

nameservers are still the default nameservers (no transfer to Cloudflare) and my site is still using the version without the “www”. So I guess there was a problem at a2hosting because contacting them sove the problem…



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