Verizon DNS Not Resolving Domain

We have found that Verizon Wireless ONLY will not resolve our “beaconhealthsystem” domain. All testing of DNS on other connection resources has worked, but it always fails when utilizing their DNS - an example server is internal to their network.
I’m attempting to get through for support from them, but was looking for any possible assistance from the Cloudflare end as well.
Any advice on how to pin this issue down with Verizon and help us get this resolved? Or, is there another possibility of resolving this outside of Verizon?

If Version’s DNS servers aren’t returning the correct info, then they are the ones who need to fix it. Unfortunately, there is nothing Cloudflare or this community can do to help.

That is what I was thinking, but it has been very difficult getting through to them and this is our only Cloudflare domain - all other domains hosted elsewhere are working fine everywhere tested.
Once I have some technical detail from “someone” on what the fault for resolving DNS really is, I might know if there could be something we need to do with our Cloudflare domain.
Almost thinking about making a change and seeing if it will re-propagate the domain. My next attempt at a repair.
Thanks for the input.

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