Verity Credit Union down for CloudFlare's Public DNS

I stumbled across this (what I believe to be) outage with CF public DNS. I am physically closest to SEA CF DNS which according to status appears to be operational.
Verity Credit Union’s website does not resolve an IP with either of CF’s public DNS (primary and secondary).

Steps for reproduction:

  1. Changed computers DNS to and
  2. Browse/ping/nslookup
  3. Observe no IP resolution to this domain.

Steps for a temporary fix:

  1. Change computers DNS to Google’s DNS: and
  2. Browse/ping/nslookup
  3. Observe a proper Address resolution.
    I am do not own/host this domain nor am I affiliated with this domain in any way.

Looks like it’s more than just Verity. Freedom Credit Union also doesn’t resolve (which shares same IP as Verity).

Update 2
The domain will resolve to correct IP but when I browse to it, I get forwarded to which does not resolve.

new user restrictions make posting the requesting data from the " [

Have problems with *Read Me First" a waste of time. suffice to say other domains are affected, disboards . com and icomamerica . com are two that I have hit.

dig +short CHAOS TXT id.server @ "SEA" dig +short CHAOS TXT id.server @

fix your service or gtfo


Woke up this morning and appears to be fixed! Thank you CF Team!

The domains [arzkkyvncxveopmbst] posted seem to work for me at least now.