Verisign SSL Universal Certificates coming up as Untrusted on Firefox 5

Multiple Domains are all coming up as “This Connection is Untrusted” on firefox 5 (needed for google-image bot to index the images on them) the Universal SSL using Verisign is not working on Firefox 5. This means google images bot cannot browse multiple websites at all. Can I please get my universal certificate changed to a Google Universal Certificate.

Cloudflare chooses to ignore this issue and yet it affects hundreds of thousands of websites that use Verisign SSL Certificates.

Hi @colin12

You can take a look at Advanced Certificate Manager to help you manage the CAs for your sites. With Universal SSL as the CAs are randomly chosen, there is always the possibility that if it is now Google Trust Services, it can always be changed to Let’s Encrypt again. However, with ACM, you get control over the CA.