Verifying you are human. This may take a few seconds

Most visitors receive the page Verifying you are human. This may take a few seconds. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Even repeat visitors.

Can you share more information? As much of the following information as you can share is helpful.

When someone visits, the verifying human pops up no matter what browser or device.

I am not currently able to replicate that as I went to on both my mobile and desktop. Loaded just fine no security check.

If you are able to reproduce this on your network. You can go to “security events” then search for your source IP of your location. Then see what triggered the “managed challenge” event. I am not seeing it when navigating to your zone. However, it may be due to “security level” which means it could be an issue with a specific IP reputation. I would check security events to see why this is happening first.

See attached