Verifying You Are Human Not Working

I have encountered an issue with Cloudflare’s “Verifying you are human”

  • Problem: The verification page is not working; I am unable to pass the “Verifying you are human” check.
  • Browsers Tried:
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • Actions Taken:
    • Tried with and without incognito mode
    • Cleared browser cache in all browsers
  • Current Setup:
    • Fresh install of Windows 11 (with all latest updates applied)
    • Other devices on the same network are working properly and can pass the “Verifying you are human” check

i try to login at

on request blob:
The response I receive is "you"==="bot". Does this mean my PC is being identified as a bot?

I also tried to access my website which is behind Cloudflare proxy. The Firewall Events show only the action taken as “Managed Challenge”.

After troubleshooting for two days, the issue resolved itself unexpectedly.