Verifying my domain with office 365

I am getting errors every time I try to verify my domain when setting up Office 365.

Any assistance would be great, I have been battling with this for quite a while now.

Cheers Shaun

What’s the domain?

My New Business,

They are correct. You do not have a DNS record for that.

And you added it to the DNS page at

Hi there, yes i added it to that page is that not what i was supposed to do sorry, new to this so really struggling to get it sorted.

At the bottom of that page, are the two Cloudflare name servers shown as Maya and Logan?

If so, please post a screenshot of the TXT record you added.

No they are shown as below:

The rest of the records show as:

Thank you for trying to help me I have hit a wall.

Diana and Mike are not the ones you have listed at your domain registrar. This is why that TXT record isn’t working. You’ll have to either find the Cloudflare account that’s controlling that domain, or update the name servers at your registrar.

Ok thank you for your help.

i have gone to to determine registrar, it appears to be:

If i go there website i can not seam to find anywhere to change nameservers though.

That’s not your registrar. That’s just a lookup service. You need to get help from the people you bought the domain name from.

Ok thank you, I will make contact with them.


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