Verifying my domain for Google workspace

Hello all… My domain id hosted and registered under Hetzner (Xneelo).
I need assistance to verify my domain or for the verification to be released to go back to Hetzner.
I don’t have an account with Cloudflare for my domain however, i see when i try to verify my account with Google Workspace it shows that my account is with Cloudflare. This is probably because i had a Cloudbrick WAF product that i had bought with Hetzer but now i have cancelled it. So i need to verify that this is my domain as Google workspace says the account DNS Setting are with Cloudflare but i cannot login to Cloudflare as i never registered my domain with Cloudflare and don’t have an active account. When i verify manually with the Cname or TxRecords it still doesn’t verify my Domain. So how can i sort this problem?

You can always move your nameservers to not point at Cloudflare and DNS will not be routed through us.

If you believe you had a Cloudflare account you can follow our guide here:

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