Verifying Domain Alias


I am trying to add a Verification TXT record for a domain alias that we own.

Anyone familiar with how to do this?

We need to verify our domain for Apple.

Thank you has an exact walkthrough for this.
You just need to follow instructions you were given by Apple and add the data in the DNS UI.

Anything unclear? Post a screenshot of the instructions you got.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I went to add the TXT record but when I click Verify, it is not verifying.

I looked at Google Admin Console and it says that the domain is an alias for our main domain.

Is there a way to add the domain alias to Cloudflare?

It won’t be an alias in this case, you just add your domain like you’d add any other domain. will have more on that.

I added the domain to my sites but when I try to verify the new domain it wants me to go to my Name Server and add the NS records. I used the WHOIS to lookup the domain but can’t find the NS.


Yes, of course, you will need to change the nameservers of that domain and point them to what Cloudflare gave you. Again, standard setup procedure.

Go to wherever you registered that domain or whomever maintains that and change the nameservers there.

Your domain is under your county’s Office of Education (FCOE). You’ll have to work with them to manage your DNS.

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