Verifying Google Search Console Code is in the Proper Field

I copied and pasted the following Google Search Console Code in the TXT field right beside the name of my site: “google-site-verification=OEZ8ylZYT71a8yxGl48H_cSSvZDjiNzig9tpSDZNRSo”
It said it was verified BOTH on Cloudflare AND the GSC. However, when I ran SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank it gave me the same errors it gave me before.

I’m VERY new to this, and I did read a couple of related posts, and I’m 95% sure I did everything correctly, but I just want some verification, please.

What’s the domain?

Sorry about that. Kinda sleepy.

That TXT record is fully propagated. If GSC is happy with it, then I don’t know why WooRank would be bent out of shape about it. What’s the error?

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It takes some time for Google to review

Thanks a TON, Sdayman. I don’t want you to think that I’m assuming you fix all of these errors. It was just the easiest way to send the info in question. I’m in the process of researching all of these issues as we speak.

(Attachment Errors from WooRank.docx is missing)

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As you emailed a reply, you probably didn’t see that the attachment didn’t come through since it’s a Word Doc. A screenshot might work better.

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