Verifying Domain with Google

I am trying to set up a google email with my domain ‘’ everytime I try and validate it, I get this response ‘There was a problem verifying your domain in Please try again or choose another verification method’

I can see in DNS management that the google code is in content, proxy status is DNS only

This is driving me mad! I haven’t encountered this problem before with previous google validations, can some help please?

For which subdomain? For your apex and www the records appear proxied…

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Really sorry I’m not sure what subdomain means. I’m very computer illiterate!

That would be the hostname in your DNS record. Can you post a screenshot of the record Google asked you to add for validation?

I have never cared for the results of granting Google permission to access Cloudflare to create the authorization records on its own. I find it more comfortable to tell Google to let me manually configure the verification with a TXT record.

Is that option available and, it if it is, have you tried it?

yes i tried that and same outcome

Can you share a screenshot of the values provided for that method (and add the TXT record) so we can test?

it’s the bottom one that is the one I tried to validate

@victoria I believe they will need the record provided from Google,

Through clicking ‘Generic Instructions’ I believe so that they can help you manually.

I tried going through generic instructions, it gave the same outcome

@victoria did you add the record manually like this:

Or did you click ‘SIGN IN TO VERIFY’ ?

I did it manually like you showed but it said it already existed so wouldn’t save

the first 3 times I tried sign in to verify

currently, the only txt records you have are the ones shown in your screenshot correct?

yes that’s correct

OK, please go into the one you created and wrap it with " "

Like this:


Then see if it works.


I will try that now

I’ve just seen also your TTL on the record is set to 1 hour, i would recommend setting that to 1 day.

that didn’t work unfortunately, shall i remove the " "?

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