Verifying domain with google workspaces

I am trying to verify my domain with google workspaces. The domain was bought a long time ago on register dot com and the person who set up that account is nowhere to be found and I am locked out of the account.

We recently developed a new website and everything is being managed through Cloudflare. the TXT records and CNAME that I am setting up for our domain cannot be detected and I found out that the nameserver is pointed to register dot come and not cloudflare that is why It’s not being detected.

I keep getting an error when I am trying to verify the domain, I put the correct TXT and CNAME records into my DNS cloudflare settings and tried to verify the domain both ways and it did not work.

What do I need to do?

It was my understanding that we directed the nameservers to Cloudflare because I remember making these changes.

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You need to replace the current nameservers at your domain registrar with the assigned nameservers shown in your Cloudflare dashboard. This will require that you resolve your access issue with your domain registrar. If you care to share your domain name, Community members can assist with more detailed responses.

The domain is www. compasshp . com

The nameservers are already pointing at Cloudflare

They are definitely not pointing at Cloudflare.

% dig ns +short
% whois
   Domain Name: COMPASSHP.COM
   Name Server: DNS1.REGISTER.COM
   Name Server: DNS2.REGISTER.COM

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