Verifying authenticity of glacierbaysell which uses cloudflare services

I am trying to determine of www.glacierbaysell is a fraudulent website. It is using Cloudflare services. The reason I believe it is fraudulent is because I paid $99 in April for an item, and payment was supposedly run via Paypal. Paypal has no record of payment. It is June, and I have not received the item, and the address listed is a residential address. Thank you for help determining the authenticity of this business.

I think you can be about 100% certain that it is a scam website.

That seems a bit out of place on a site selling bathroom accessories.

If you search for is a leading fashion retailer in watches, handbags, and sunglasses. We also sell jewelry, crystal, fine writing instruments, apparel, and shoes. on Google, you find a large number of scam websites with the same description.

So I would recommend that you change your PayPal password if you haven’t already done so, and make sure to check all recent account history.

You should also report the website to Cloudflare:

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Thank you for your reply. I will change my password for PayPal. Fortunately, no suspicious activity has occurred yet. I just can’t believe I fell for a scam. Even on my bank card it shows the payment was to PayPal. I will report to cloudflare abuse. Thank you.


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