"Verify you're a human" eats CPU, sometimes non stop

Hello, sometimes I use a legacy proxy running on Windows 7 Enterprise. Cloudflare sees these connections and when I visit random websites it will either ban me or ask me to “verify you’re a human”. Over time, this has gotten progressively worse in eating CPU. It used to take a few seconds, and sometimes still does. Other times it is out of control and will eat CPU just continuously. Sometimes it will show the button again and sometimes it won’t it will just continue eating CPU. And if it does show the button again and I click it, it’s back to the same thing. Frankly this is a nuisance. I understand what you are trying to do but it just doesn’t work right a lot of the time.

Most recently tonight this ate CPU for at least several minutes before I just gave up and closed the tab:

brickseek.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Ray ID: 78f762b15c5478d3

And I could not create an account on Cloudflare through the proxy because Cloudflare says “please fill out a captcha code code 1200”. Well, there is no captcha just a box I click and it says success but that doesn’t make a difference.

My suggestion is have some of your engineers occasionally browse the internet as if they have an uncommon SSL client hello, just so they can experience how Cloudflare reacts. I find it hard to believe anyone is testing this system the way it has been working for the past few months.

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This is still an issue. Occasionally I will try to access a site and Cloudflare keeps looping back to “Checking if the site connection is secure”. Here’s a process explorer screenshot of CPU usage:

Hi, unfortunately I can’t help but I can second this entirely. I didn’t actually noticing it was consuming CPU but I did notice it was taking in some cases over a minute to process any given ‘verify’ checkbox and then yeah usually popping up another one afterwards.

I am also using a proxy (squid 5) and also could not create an account through this due to the 1200 error.

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