Verify ownership using Duck DNS


I created Home Assistant server for my new smart home and I want to be able to connect remotely while I’m not on the local network.

After watching some tutorials, I created DNS from Duck DNS website and registered it to my Cloudflare account ander “Add a site” option.

Now when I enter my website on Cloudflare, I see that I need to verify ownership and I not sure how to do it. Do I need to rename my domain temporarly for the verification? If so, Duck DNS doesn’t allow to rename domain after alredy created.

So how can I verify ownership of my websote?

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I don’t think you are going to be able to use a third-party domain with Cloudflare, even though is on the Public Suffix List. Your challenge is going to be changing the name servers for your zone I don’t see any way that you can do that in DuckDNS.

You can use you own domain as a DDNS domain with Cloudflare without the need for a DuckDNS subdomain. You could also point a CNAME for a hostname in your domain to your DuckDNS name and keep the dynamic updates on DuckDNS instead of moving it into Cloudflare.

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