Verify my gmail account

hi guys, i purchased an email account and need to be verified my host is host gator and i got the domain on name cheap, however when im trying to verigy it it points to cloudflare?
any idea how to verify it and why its pointed to cloudflare (is it because a plug i installed or something on my website?

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here.

Who’s asking to verify your email account?

If I were to guess, a malicious person set up a Cloudflare account with your password, and Cloudflare is asking you to verify. If it’s ever an email request you don’t recognize, ignore it.

See if this sounds familiar:

gmail is asking me, i purchased another email account for my domain, but it points to cloudflare

I’m still not entirely clear, but it sounds like you use Gmail, and are trying to attach another email address to that account. But how does that other email account point to Cloudflare? Cloudflare doesn’t host email. Is this other email account one you’re currently using?

i purchase my domain name on namecheap and the host is hostgator, however i added an email gmail account to be used for my small buisness, and needs to be verified and says that “We’ve detected that your domain host is

Well…Cloudflare isn’t really your host, but Google might need you to do something at your domain to verify your Gmail account. Are there any other instructions? Or a link on how to do it?

i folloed the process keeps saying failed, i contacted my host they said has to be done through cloudflare

Please post a screenshot of the instructions. It’s ok to black out the email address and domain name.

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