Verify my DNS? Are my host and cloudflare are talking?

Long story short, my DNS was changed to this morning through a comedy of errors. This caused my domain to be unreachable almost instantly. Once I discovered it, contacted my host, my host has since pointed me to the correct DNS but now my domain is still unreachable.

I can see that propigation is taking place when I check but wow, it’s super slow compared to how quickly things went down this morning. When I run my domain through I can see mostly IP addresses that are coming from Cloudflare and some for the correct IP that my host just pointed my DNS to.

How can I make sure Cloudflare and my host are talking? The only thing I see on my Cloudflare dashboard is under “DNS” and it says " Your DNS zone file is hosted by (my host), a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the [my host website]"

I don’t trust that my host 100% fixed this. On my host side, I can see the IP for all records matches the IP of “Cloudflare-resolve-to” record. Is there any way Cloudflare is sending people through the wrong IP still? Any way to confirm that my DNS is correct and the same through my Cloudflare dashboard?

Would like to ask, who is your registrar and who is your host? Also, if you provided your domain, it would help us work it out.

bluehost is my host is my domain

Your DNS is probably correct, but you’ll just have to trust BlueHost on this.

Personally, I feel better manually setting up my domain at Cloudflare, rather than a third party. That gives me direct access to my Cloudflare settings.

I see your domain is served by Cloudflare, but I’m getting a TLS certificate error after being redirected to HTTPS.

Can you check your SSL Status in your SSL/TLS settings?

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