Verify Mirage is working?

Hello, we have enabled Mirage feature and created some page rules to turn it on for some pages only. But I have trouble verifying that it is actually working. Is there any response header I need to look for?
I tried recommended script Health & Wellness Products | Collections Etc.
, but it is hanging, images don’t load at all.

Any suggestions?

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You can use your browser’s developer tools to change the user agent to that of a mobile device, and append some query strings to test:

Test Mirage

Mirage’s features for Mobile Browser optimization are triggered based on high latency and poor network connections. You can test Mirage by making a request to your domain using a mobile user-agent string and one of the following flags with your domain in your mobile browser:


To run the pre-loader only and serve degraded images on the page enter:


I have done that, I have included a link and the page just keeps spinning, images don’t load at all

I’m seeing the following when simulating a mobile view over 3G (Use Dev Tools in Mobile Mode and Throttle connection)

Thanks guys, I believe there’s something wrong with Cloudflare script “ forcepreload” or it conflicts with something on our site.
Now I have turned Mirage off and it is still showing that spinning page and no images loaded. Bottom line is if forcepreload and forceprelodonly is the only way to verify Mirage then it is not working for me.

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