Verify if the authenticated origin pull certificate is installed on your origin

I received an email asking to “verify if the authenticated origin pull certificate is installed on your origin”.

Does anyone know how to check this in Cloudways?

If it is installed and the expiration of the certificate is January 11, 2020 , how do I update my origin server to authenticate with the new authenticated origin pull certificate?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @kevin.troyan, on the ssl/tls app, origin tab, is where you check to see if aop is enabled.

If not, no action is needed. If, you need to follow the link in the email to update the aop certificate on your origin server. If aop is on and you’d not gone through the process of the certificate before, you weren’t receiving any benefit from the feature being enabled and may want to simply disable it.

This has come up a few times and there are some lengthy threads with the details you can find with a :search:. Post back and let us know progress.

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Hi Cloonan - thank you so much for your reply! The “Authenticated Origin Pulls” is ticked to “On” for both of my websites.

I haven’t done anything since the email and my traffic is still stable so I’m not sure if I was receiving any benefit from it. The issue is I had a company setup my hosting and Cloudflare so I’m not sure if they went through the process of the certificate before.

I’ll have a read through some other threads to see if I need to take any further action.

Thank you again!

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Hi Cloonan - I don’t think my sites are using this feature on my shared Cloudways hosting.

Do you advise to turn the feature to “Off”?

If I switch it to “Off” and this creates a problem, could I then switch it back “On”?

If you setup cloudflare authenticated origin pull ssl certs on your origin backend and then turn off from cloudflare dashboard, you will get 400 bad request errors when you visit your cloudflare proxy/protected web site.


And if you didn’t do that step, turning off will not be noticed


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