Verify Human, Failure Verify Human, Failure Verify Human spam

So for the past 1 month i’ve been spammed with verify human failure and couldn’t login into sites that have secure connection, captcha with cloudflare etc.

Please share some information about your set up, where this is an issue.

  1. What operating system (including version/revision numbers), do you use?

  2. What browser (including version/revision numbers), do you use?

  3. What is the full list of extensions (including version/revision numbers), installed in your browser?

i’m from my original account:

WIndows 11 22H2.
Google Chrome, The latest one idk how to see.
AdGuard AdBlocker, Speedtest by Ookla, Volume Master.

I would start by disabling the AdGuard AdBlocker extension you mention.

Stuff like ad blockers, and various “privacy enhancing” extensions are well known to be conflicting with the captchas.

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