Verify domain ownership with Google

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I’ve registered a Google Workspace formerly used by someone. I can’t activate the @mydomain email until I confirm ownership of the domain with Google. To do this I was given these instructions:

Create a CNAME record through your domain hosting provider: - Label/Host: 34084583 - Destination/Target: - Time to live (TTL): 3600 seconds / 60 minutes / 1 Hour

I created a CNAME record in the DNS, which currently reads:
Name: 34084583
TTL: 1 Hour

They advised me to click to “Proxy Status” to “DNS Only” so that’s what it currently reads. This current setup hasn’t worked. They told me to check on DIG in the Google Apps toolbox - if successful I would see the CNAME between “Answer” and “Authority”. With the effort as listed above that isn’t working. Would appreciate some advice : )

What’s the actual FQDN (hostname) of that CNAME?

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Not sure how to find that (sorry!). The domain is and it’s registered via Google Domains and hosted on Cloudflare.

It looks correct. Are you on a free plan here?

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I checked as well and it appears to be there. Just emailed the Workspace team to confirm. It’s like when your car has a noise so you bring it to the shop and then… no noise. Hopefully it all works just fine. Thanks for your assistance!

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