Verify domain ownership via DNS record

How do You confirm ownership of a site for Google on Cloudflare? I put the “Google code”, that Google gave me, in Godaddy and it didn’t do anything? Duh, I’m using Cloudflare!

These are usually added on the DNS app of the Cloudflare dashboard as a text record. The details google provided should contain the contents for the record, call it @, TTL of auto. Let us know how this works out.

Sorry Cloonan, I’m a little short changed! Can you provide more detail? I’m not that bright!

DNS app of the Cloudflare dashboard as a text record means:

, call it @, TTL of auto. means:

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate your help!


Hi @jim30, the best detail is this #Tutorials, Adding DNS Records. And, no worries, lots of folks here willing to assist and/or point you in the right direction.

Ideally, Google gave you a string of text, that goes in the content box.
The name of @ goes in the name field, ttl is time to live, at auto it will be available immediately.

First step after you view that tutorial and you want to add the record is to pick the type of TXT. After that, the fields will change to what is shown in the tutorials screen capture for TXT records and you can begin to enter the details. Once complete, that will show up as just another DNS record in your list of DNS records.

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