Verify domain ownership via DNS record for Google Search Console

Apologises for my ignorance but I am trying to verify my Google Search Console. On other conversations on here it appears that I should:

Add Record

Select TXT

If this is correct what then goes in the ‘Name’ box which currently states ‘Use @ for root’ ?

The link provided by google is pasted into the ‘Content’ box.

Thank you.

What does Google exactly say?

Hi sandro,

See attached, hopefully.

So that will be “@” as name then.

Sorry but that means nothing to me.

Kindly just type out what I need to type in the ‘Name’ box.

Many thanks.

I did :wink:

What is unclear about my response? I exactly wrote what you should type (excluding the quotes of course).

So just and only ‘@’ ?

I know I am an idiot but I thought it would be more than that.

Well, in step two it says you need to set up that record for your naked domain. That means you can either type your actual domain name there or its equivalent, which is an AT sign.

So for my site would be:

Is that right?

That is right, that is your domain.

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Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards, Nigel

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