Verify Automatic Platform Optimization works - Does this mean APO is not working

Hi every one

I did verified Automatic Platform Optimization works from this page

And the result appeared contrary to what should appear, see the picture

What should I do

Does this mean APO is not working


APO is enabled for your website, given the presence of the header cf-apo-via. The header value origin,page-rules means there’s a Page Rule in place that matches the requested URL, and that Page Rule tells Cloudflare to bypass cache. If that’s not intended behavior, review your Page Rules (with APO you’d normally not need any cache-related Page Rule.)

Also, I don’t see the cf-edge-cache response header, indicating that the Cloudflare plugin is either disabled or that some other plugin has cached the response without that header. Make sure you purge all origin cache, including the cache created by plugins and/or the origin server (such as Varnish) before you test APO.

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Hello and thanks for your reply.
Regarding the first point: I currently use these rules, do I delete them for APO to work normally?
For the second point: I use Wp-rocket add-on and Cloudflare for caching Should caching be disabled for APO to work normally.


No. You should just purge that plugin’s cache.

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