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I found myself in a position where I’m helping a friend of mine with their website. They partnered with a local MSP for some of the services and I learned they’re paying monthly for proactive support but also for services provided by Cloudflare. It felt a little bit odd to me based on the conversation that was had so it triggered that perhaps this MSP is doing something they possibly shouldn’t be doing as it relates to services provided by Cloudflare.

Is there a way to check if an MSP is part of the partner program or not?

Not that I’ve ever seen. There are various classes of partner, from self-service resellers up.

If you name them one of the staff can hopefully confirm their status.


Out of curiosity, which Cloudflare services are they paying for?

Are they using Cloudflare name servers?

Does your client have an account at Cloudflare?

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from what I was told, they pay a monthly support fee which includes remote support and these pieces of cloudflare:

SSL certificates
content delivery
firewall rules

I don’t want to name names just yet until I have more data and more information but having been a customer of cloudflare, both enterprise and free, something feels off.

Those are all free.

If it’s a bundled fee, technically they might not be paying for Cloudflare services. If they’re happy with the proactive services and the amount they’re paying, I don’t think it’s an issue. Lots of people put their clients on Clouflare to improve sites as part of their service.

I sure hope that doesn’t mean the server itself doesn’t have SSL. That’d be a disservice to their client to make them think their site’s communications are as secure as they should be.

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Yeah, that’s why I’m here to do a full audit of everything.

I’m waiting to get a copy of the contract to see exactly what they’re paying for.


Possibly, if they still have and use and sell some “old” Cloudflare packages, while in the meantime a lot of changed, and their one’s are somehow “stuck in between” with some features from Free and Pro for example.

I remember having an experience where some local Partner was selling a totally not know Cloudflare plans which did not exist in a past (either the CF Support via ticket couldn’t remember them).

And also Free features couldn’t be set and were disabled (intentionally by that partner?, for what reason if so?), while they are available even on a Free plan. So, someone was paying for a “middle/restricted plan” and couldn’t have features which comes even on a Free plan - something was really wrong at that point.

But, that could also depend on a “partner” who could manage that “plan” what the client is paying for, and obviously disable them with a click, with which I really do not know the reason why they should (disable Free features?), if so.

Sharing a cite (translated to english, but still understandable …) as the part of thier answer to the simple “why” questions in terms of a disabled Free features over their “top selling / restricted plan”:

I believe you could still find this topic(s) here too …

… I wouldn’t be happy to have SSL option disabled (cannot switch to some other), or at least running Flexible for years as the only available option (server was Nginx, ports 80 and 443 openned, and could work with SSL without any problem at all) and doing everything possible to avoid issues as described on the below article :zipper_mouth_face:

P.S. Not to mention stuff stated in the 3rd bullet, which were disabled too (“can be activated with a click”), sure, not actually + some weird stuff like Page Rules available: -1 (minus, not 3 as on Free plan)

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