Verify a namecheap-domain whose DNS server are located at Cloudflare


I have a domain at Cloudflare and also the associated DNS servers.
For this there is a DNS management with Cname, MX, NS and Txt files.
That is clear.

Problem Description:
Now we are talking about a domain at Namecheap, whose servers are at Cloudflare.

As a result, there is no DNS management section at Cloudflare for this domain at Namecheap.

What do I need:
For an email account at ZOHO, I now need to confirm the identity of the Namecheap domain whose servers are at Cloudflare.

What I know by now, I have to add a text record in the DNS section of Cloudflare. But the question is HOW this has to be done.

if I now create a new text record, then I only have the option to do this within the existing DNS management. But this management is NOT related to the domain it is about ( …which is registered by Namecheap ).
The DNS management section is only for the Cloudflare-Domain.

My specific question:

a- is it necessary to create a new DNS management section for the Namecheap domain ? If YES, how should this be done ? I don’t see any way to do it there.

o d e r

b- can the textfile be added within the existing DNS management area, even though it is running under a different domain ?

I would be very grateful for your support.

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Untill you add the domain to your Cloudflare account, you cannot manage any DNS records in that zone.

What is in this example? Is it zoho? If yes, then that’s fine/ expected as they are looking to validate a record in your DNS that matches a specific pattern for their service. That pattern could be awesome=i-love-puppies-not-cats if they so desired.

If it’s another domain you own, you manage it’s DNS wherever the DNS lives and if that’s Cloudflare you need to log into Cloudflare with the account that has access to manage that domain.

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