Verified Mark Certificates - For Email Verification

Is there any plan to provide VMC (Verified Mark Certificates) for the BIMI protocol?

The current two site that provide this charge a whopping $1000 to $1500 annual.

VMC issuance currently requires the logo (mark) to be an active registered trademark. Hence the price gouging (similar to EV SSL certificates).

So unless the standard changes, this is likely to be only available at the Enterprise plan level, since there’s going to be some manual work to verify trademark existence (at least to please the lawyers) – again, similar to how EV SSL certs are issued.

NB: While VMC is optional for BIMI, most of the large email clients (eg Gmail) require it. Also, there’s an active discussion within the BIMI group to include logos that aren’t trademarked… but that discussion hasn’t come home to roost yet.


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