Verified Bots Policy Ambiguity


This Part of the Cloudflare documentation (Verified Bots Policy · Cloudflare bot solutions docs) being sparse I have a doubt and I would be more than happy if you could clear it.

I have a Nice Crawler, which don’t get blocked on most hubs and I saw we could be “Certified” by Cloudflare.

So I read carefully Their documentation about the Verification policy (Verified Bots Policy · Cloudflare bot solutions docs) and it seems I respect any aspect of the Documentation (Probably for this I don’t get any problem while crawling).

I was going to apply for the verification process. But then I more clearly saw the very last requirement, that I’m not sure to understand:

“Valid ASN belonging to the crawler owner”

I’m currently running on a Server I rent and have my own IP I also perfectly know the ASN of my Hosting provider but I got a doubt with the “Belonging”.

Does it mean I have to simply share the ASN of my Hosting Provider or does it mean I literally have to OWN a whole Hosting Platform ?

Hi @hoftug,

You should own the ASN or have administrative control over it.
The verified bot works on multiple requirements, one being ASN.

If you keep changing ASNs for some reason, or the IP blocks of the ASN updates regularly for some reason, Bot Team would not be able to provide the verified status as there is no interface for you to update these parameters the WAF checks up on.

Thank you.

Thank You Very Much

Do not hesitate to add these Details to the Official Documentation.

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