Verification Failure for Google DNS TXT Record: Google says not found


I’m trying to verify an app for Google API and I added a DNS Txt Record under my DNS settings for my domain. But for some reason, the verification keeps failing. I was told by my host that it might take a while for the verification to show up, but in the past couple of hours, nothing has changed. He looked at my set up and saw nothing wrong. What could be the issue?


I’m about 50/50 when deciding upon TXT record or a file in my root directory. Both have worked for me.

I suggest you go with Plan B and put a file in the root directory until you figure out this other issue.

In the mean time, it could just take a while – 24 or so hours – for that DNS record to show up. Considering your host can see it, it just hasn’t propagated.


Do you have a link to a tutorial on how to do that with Google API? I remember reading about putting a TXT record before but was at a loss at how to do it. Either way, good advice! I’m definitely going to rest on this one and if I notice no changes, then going to go the “file in a root directory” route.


Just to be sure… you’re posting in the Cloudflare community support forum so I assume you’re using Cloudflare? Because if you are then you should be setting the DNS TXT record in your Cloudflare DNS settings, your ‘host’ (and by that I asusme you mean web host) shouldn’t need to do anything.

Make sure you’re adding the record at the correct nameserver (e.g. here if using Cloudflare, elsewhere if not).


Saul I’m a little confused by this question. I thought I made it clear that I was using Cloudfare? Why else would I be here?

And yes, I did use the DNS TXT Record and it keeps failing from Cloudflare. This is why I had my host check my settings (during my migration, they helped configure the name servers for Cloudflare) Google says if you are having issues, you contact your host. I contacted my host, and they recommended I reach out to Cloudflare, hence my being here.

Frankly, this topic is not about what my host should and shouldn’t be doing, I’m not sure why that comment was necessary.


It’s been about 24 hours and no changes. Looks like I will need to take up sdayman on his advice.


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