Verification emails not being recieved


I am not receiving any verification emails to this account. I have clicked the ‘Your email address is not verified. Send verification email’ button several times but it does not end up in my inbox. I have ran a message trace and searched the quarantine and cannot see the email what so ever. I was asked to ‘Confirm your new account’ to post in this forum and that email came through okay.


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Can you try it now @bptc? I did see the emails bouncing.


Hi Cloonan,

Yes perfect thanks! Went into Quarantine and have released it. :slight_smile:

Am i safe to point nameservers at Cloudflare even though my account is saying ‘Cloudflare protection for your domain is in a pending state while we verify ownership. This could take up to 24 hours to complete. Learn more about pending domains.’? As far as i can see it just effects the proxy?


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It should actively ask you to change name servers, in that state. So I would say yes.


+1 to the comment from @matteo that message will go away once we see the nameserver change.


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