Verification Email - won't send

The UI won’t send me a verification email for my email address.
Thankfully I was able to send a verification for the community login, so I can ask how to solve this issue.

I’m wanting to change my preferences email address, but can’t until the existing is verified, which I can’t do because the UI does not send the verification email no matter how many times I select it.

Sorry for the issues @focus-doors I can see the bounced emails and have corrected that. Can you try it again and let us know if you run into any issues?

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Hi, we had support reach out to say use the verification email toggle, which of course isn’t working.
Then they closed Case 01179680. We still have the same issue. Support suggesting that we use the send change in email function when our concern is that it isn’t working and then not responding to emails isn’t helpful.

Can we reopen the ticket please?