Verification Email not showing up

I had verified my personal email while I completed setup of a new account with gmail for the specific purpose of this new domain. I put in the new email in the settings, and it said it would send a verification email, however it has not, I’ve tried clicking resend but no luck.

I show emails as delivered, is it the same account as you’re using here? If not, let me know and I’ll kick off a private message to collect details.

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No its not, this is my personal email that it’s using currently, which I was able to verify. I’m happy to provide the email it should be in a private message. Thank you!

Looks like the “resend verification” button finally worked. I finally got the verify email to the new gmail account and was able to verify. Thank you!


Thank you for the confirmation! Have a good day, let us know if anything comes up.

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Hello, I’m new to cloudflare. I’m having trouble receiving the verification email as well. I got the one from the community and receive things from other domains. I’ve also allowed the no-reply addresses. Could you let me know what else to check?

You’re going to want to make your own post I think. I don’t know that this one is being tracked anymore since it was escalated to an actual support ticket.