Verification Email Not Sending at all

I am trying to use {REDACTED} as my catch-all email routing email address but the verification email will not send.

Bumping this here again.

I wasn’t allowed to get support via Cloudflare (they pointed me to this forum). Any ideas?

Can I get my email address removed from the suppression list?

Bump again?

Maybe describing my situation will help.

I want to set a catch-all email destination but, when I go to have the verification email sent, it does not send. Perhaps my email is on the Cloudflare suppression list?

Hi there,

From the sounds of it there does not seem to be any issue with the dashboard and you getting to the place the email is reporting as sent?

If your not seeing the email delivered to your mailbox there either something is blocking it at your mail server, or we are not sending it on the backend, the suppression list could be a likely cause.

In order to check this we would need you to contact support with your email address for us to check this - ideally if you can try to send the verification email again before you contact - so there is a fresh attempt for us to refer in the logs on the backend.


Thank you Damian!

I cannot contact support due to being on a non-paid plan (I tried going through the wizard but it forwarded me here).

How should I communicate my email address (unless you’ve access to redacted text in this topic)?

I just requested a verification email at 8:23PM EST.

Thanks again for your help.

Good morning. I sent another verification email today, Monday, January 29 at 8:46am EST. It did not land in my inbox.

@Damian, please let me know the best way to submit my email address to support as the wizard just forwards me here.

Hi there,

I was able to find a way to get the redacted email on our backend. I can see that the email was listed on our suppression list and emails were bouncing. I’ve now cleared this, if you can test again and confirm this is working as expected?


Hello Damian:

Thank you. I was able to verify the email. Unfortunately, the catch-all doesn’t seem to work:

I have an email address, alice@somedomain .com powered by Gmail Workspaces. I want all emails sent to xyz@somedomain .com (including [email protected]) to be forwarded to alice@somedomain .com. Am I doing the right thing to get that done? I fear that there’s some sort of infinite loop that happens when I send to alice@somedomain .com.

Please let me know if you’d rather I open a new post for this.