Verification email not received

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Hello, I am not receiving the verification email for my Cloudflare account. I have clicked the “send verification email” multiple times. I have checked my spam folder and its not there. My email is [redacted}
My email provider is Yahoo through at&t. What do I do?

Hi! Sorry to use this thread but even after activating my account, I still don’t see any “New Topic” button so I can’t post any new topic on the forum.

Last but not least, we are on a PRO plan, we opened a ticket 6 days ago and nobody has replied it yet.

Please fix this forum, thanks!

Me too ! I am not receiving the verification mail with secure code in other my account, not this. How do you fix this ?

Hi @PierGiuliante @abovetherim22 ,

I’m able to receive verification mail with an secure code

Try checking these suggestions

  • The email address is correct in the Cloudflare account
  • You can receive emails from elsewhere
  • It has not gone into junk/spam
  • You have tried resending the email from Cloudflare
  • You have waited a sufficient amount of time to check whether it arrives.

You can refer to this for more details
:arrow_right: Cannot send OTP - #13 by domjh

Yes that was set by Cloudflare due to the recent amount of spam expereinced

That’s bad but as this is community you can research about your issue here and after some time the restriction will be lift off !

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@abovetherim22 I just sent you an activation code and removed your account from the block list. You may have opted out of getting emails once and that resulted in the block.

@PierGiuliante @user26012 I do not see any issues with your account and show it as active. Are you still encountering issues?

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