Verification email not received, custom domain

I’ve signed up for Cloudflare some time back.
I have received only 1 verification email, but I forgot to activate my account then. Subsequently, any other attempt to get the verification email has failed.
I am using a custom domain email, in which for the domain I did use Cloudflare’s domain services, and have added it as a domain in Cloudflare.
However, Cloudflare is still able to send me marketing emails occasionally, so I would assume the DNS records are ok.

I have read other posts that suggest my email (or even domain) may be on some kind of supression list.

Why can’t I receive the email to verify my account?

Thank you.

Sorry for bothering you with the ping.
I have it fixed, I reset the nameservers to that of my domain registrar’s, and received the email.
My account is now verified.

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