Verification email not getting sent to my email

Same here. Oddly enough, I did receive a verification email to join this “Cloudflare Community” right away, and in my main InBox, but no email to verify the R2 account that I just signed up for.

Yes, I checked my spam folder. In fact, I searched for “flare”, “Cloudflare”, “verification”, “verify” across all of my folders, zero hits for any R2 verification email.

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@cloonan I got the message from the community discourse with no issue. I need to get into my account asap. Please help solve this issue.

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Hi @al14 I just sent you a verification token but did not see the email on any list that would prevent sending. I suspect a system slowdown in sending these.

Nothing in the inbox. @cloonan , thanks for trying. I’ll drop off as I dont think this is an isolated case. The email service at Cloudflare is surely having issues. My need is not urgent. Good Night.

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@cloonan Can you send me access code please?

Login Authentication

You’re attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognized IP Address. Please enter the Authentication Token that was sent to the email associated with this account.

Hi, same issue here, help!

Same issue here, thanks!

Wow, thanks for the quick reply (great support here!). I don’t see the email yet, but will wait a while to see if it’s just a slow system as you had mentioned. I’ll post back here later to let you know either way.

@jvasquez I do not see your email blocked internally and show the email as verified.

There are some tools here to help,, but I suspect this is a system delay so I do not think those will be of immediate assistance. Sorry for the pain on this.

Please allow emails from
[email protected] and [email protected]

Hi folks, sorry for the delay on these. The team was able to identify this as a system issue that they are investigating.

Follow the Cloudflare Status category for updates.


I had issues with Cloudflare’s emails a few days ago, when I tried to login through Cloudflare Access. I needed to click the resend button a couple of times before I received some emails.

Great to know!

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I got an email but token wont let me in.


Can you try from incognito mode or a different browswer @jvasquez?

Problem resolved. Thanks for your help.

Pardon the brevity and any spelling errors.
This email was sent from my iPhone.


I was finally able to verify my email address. Thanks for your help, cloonan

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Same here, the 2 factor emails started coming in at around 3PM Pacific Time, all is well :slight_smile:

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