Verification email not getting sent to my email

Hi, I believe my email is on the suppression list because verification email is not getting sent to my email address

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I’m having the same issue, looks like there is a process to get it resolved. I’ve seen @cloonan seems to be the guy to contact. Hopefully he can get both of ours resolved.


Same here. Neither verification nor password reset emails are being received. Email = Gmail. Spam = checked and empty.

Going Nuts!


Good self service recovery tools here.

I did not see either account on the suppression list but did go through a remove function as a justincase and @brady.thompson.direc I dropped you a verification email. @rezahn81 the system was not letting me kick off a verification email to you but that may be because the zone is pending. Did you change nameservers?

Why would ‘normal’ emails be on a suppression list?

Most of the time it’s due to someone opting out of receiving emails. But @ukmail.phadnis I do not see your name on the list and sent you a verification token, lmk if it is received.

spam clicking the refresh button :smile:

Hi! I’m not sure how to request help for this issue, since I can’t even login to my account to post a support ticket. The 2 Factor Authentication emails are not being sent to my account. I’ve confirmed that the account is able to receive email by sending emails to myself and confirming that I can view them, but there are no Cloudflare emails being sent.
The last Cloudflare email received was on October 9th 2022 so I know it was working recently.

They are also not in spam/trash. Any help? Is there an outage by any chance?

Thank you for the support!

Hi @cusummx I do not see any issues with the account you indicated and show emails as being delivered and I see you email is verified.

Some general account recovery options here,

2FA is not enabled on the account at the moment.

what error do you see?

I show that as the last one sent

Same issue exactly here - says 2 auth emails are being sent but they are not?

Email for CF community sign up delivered no problem, obviously not in spam also

I am having a similar issue on my original account (this is a new one that I made just so I could make a support ticktet). No “Authentication Token” email received in the last hour of trying. Verifying this email account was possible though it took a while for the email to arrive. Still can’t login to my real account.

lalalalala tralalala … waiting for the token, did not want to poke’em…

Hi @paul76 I how emails as being delivered, last one a couple of days ago. But, I do not show 2fa as active on your account.

We recently had a #cloudflarestatus report of Delays in adding a site to Cloudflare that shows as resolved. A lot of these recent reports wrt email authentication have zones with no or pending zones and I am checking internally to see if the two issues are related.

I am not getting any email to verify my account.

This is problematic, since I cannot do anything.

Not in my spam.

Hi @christen.bc I sent you a verification token, lmk if you receive it.

By email? I haven’t got anything yet.

I’m still not seeing a verification email… @cloonan you’re a busy guy! Resolving this issue sure would free you up quite a bit!

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Same issue We have an urgent DNS change for a client and I cant get in. The email is not received. please help.