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Hey, I just deleted an old account that was using my primary email address, then changed the email address on my primary Cloudflare account to the primary email address. This way I can keep my settings from this Cloudflare account but switch to my primary email address that was in use by the old account. However, now I’m unable to receive the verification email from Cloudflare. Reading through the other posts on here, I believe my primary email address may have been placed on a block list. I have been able to receive the verification email for the Cloudflare Community app so that may be using a different blocklist? Any chance someone at Cloudflare could check if I’m on the list and remove me if so?

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The email associated with a deleted account cannot be reused for up to a year after deactivation.

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I am pretty sure the comment from will hold true.

I do not see a bounce on the mails, but I do see a delay; I did not see the address on the suppression list and you successfully have the email to the other account. But, I noticed the address was not verified, did you receive a verification email?

No, I did not receive a verification email that the dashboard tells me has been sent in order to allow me to verify my email address. I guess I should have swapped out the email address on my old account to a dummy email before deleting it, thereby freeing up the email address for my primary account. Any way of restoring my old account so I can do this?


I am not too sure but am going to phone a friend and escalate this for the next engineer through to see if/how they can assist.

I like this strategy. Thanks for sharing it. I’m going to make note of it in my Cloudflare offboarding SOPs.

The closest I have come to this is having to change the password when the deletion process encountered error 1025. I suspect that the password verification in the account deletion process has less tolerance for certain non-alphanumeric characters.

Hopefully the Cloudflare engineers can reestablish the use your email address.

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Yeah I hope so and I have good faith they will be able to make it happen. I’ve been really satisfied with Cloudflare so far, including the support on here has been fast and effective

Thank you. I’ll be in here, but happy to move the conversation to another medium if that is more effective :smile:

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Perhaps it can be possible for a Cloudflare engineer to update the email address on my deleted account to another email address that I can provide proof is mine, and can verify. That way my primary email address is “released” and becomes available

Hey there!
I’ll be happy to look into this for you, can you register a support ticket to get things going and make sure you let us know which emails you are referencing?
Thank you.

Absolutely, thank you :pray:
I will create a ticket later today

Hi @jensmeindertsma, sorry for the issues you have been facing here. Can you please share your ticket number here?

I’m sorry for the delay, went surfing and rode some rollercoasters. Here is the ticket number, thanks so much for the assistance and your patience 2448704 :pray:

I’m unable to access the ticket page on the support site myself, as it requires me to have verified my email address. It also looks like the support site still thinks my email address is the old one, and the update hasn’t gone through.

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Can you reply to the ticket via email, and cc the email address you had used & want to use, let us know here after you reply please.

I just replied to the ticket via email and provided the email addresses. Thanks for your help :pray:

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The dashboard is now working correctly after I was able to verify my email address. I’m however not able to access support[.]Cloudflare[.]com. Logging in there fails with a error message in the url: “User is invalid: email address <my_old_email_address_that_i_used_for_this_account_before_changing_it> has already been taken”.

Just to let your know your ticket has been escalated for investigation by our dev team & will keep you posted.

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This matter was confirmed as resolved in your Cloudflare account ticket.

  • Fix by Cloudflare dev team - 9 June
  • You confirmed working - 16 June

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