Verification email fails only from Dashboard

I used the same address to login here, and successfully received an email from this service. Basically every source that I tested for sending email to the same address, worked, except for the main service dashboard. I am unable to verify my email address for proceeding with additional actions such as transferring the domain to Cloudflare. The main dash has been stuck on Verify email for the entire weekend and today. I temporarily changed the email address to something else, and then it worked. Switching back to the original email address however still fails. The fact that I am able to receive the email titled “[Cloudflare Community] Confirm your new account” from this service confirms that I have been chasing a red herring. It seems there’s something keeping me from using the address on the dashboard’s end.

It sounds very much like something similar to the following solution may be applicable:

Please will you check and confirm, as I am slowly losing my mind:


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+1 it was. I cleared your address from the suppression list and sent you a verification token. LMK if it works ok and sorry for the issues.

Excellent service! Worked immediately.

p.s. As a matter of interest, was the issue anything perhaps due to something I did to cause the address to end up on a suppression list, or was there anything I could have done differently perhaps so as to prevent this issue from occurring in the first place?
p.p.s. Whichever the case, I would like to recommend a daily flush of the suppression list, just so idiots like me don’t wait a day for nothing to happen :smiley:

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Probably, accounts end up on the list if/when you opt out of an email campaign.

That would work, but some folks want to be on that list so we cannot remove them unless they ask.

Cool, thanks for confirming. In case you keep a features wishlist, I would be happy to click a button to remove my own address from suspension :+1:

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I do believe that self-remediation is on the list but I will verify. Thank you!

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