Verification email don't being received


I am not receiving any verification emails to this account. I have clicked the ‘Your email address is not verified. Send verification email’ button several times but it does not end up in my inbox. I have ran a message trace and searched the quarantine and cannot see the email what so ever. I was asked to ‘Confirm your new account’ to post in this forum and that email came through okay.


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Your email might be on the suppression list because of bounces. I have the same issue. Came here to request a removal.

Good luck!

@cloonan helped me last time. Maybe he’s still around?


+1 yes. And, I do see the bounced emails and removed the address from our internal suppression list.

@pio.sotomayor same was true for your email. Sorry for the issues here. I have also removed your email from the list.

Let us know if this helps and if you run into any other issues. We’ll be here.


I have the same issue of not receiving the cloudflare verification email after multiple attempts. On the other hand, the community verification was received just fine.

Yes you were, sorry for the issues. Let us know if you encounter any further issues.


Thanks for the help! I got the verification email.

One last issue though, I registered with the wrong email ([email protected] instead of [email protected]) and had to create an email alias to receive this verification email. Now I’m trying to change to the correct email ([email protected]) but no verification is received again. I need this step so I can delete the alias I created as a temp solution.


I do not see that email in our system at all.

This post has the steps and a good link for reference on how to change the superadmin on your account

And this link describes how to change your email, I suspect these are the steps you want to follow


All done, thanks for the awesome support :grin: :+1:


Thank you @cloonan my account is already verified.



Our email was configured wrong, and we cannot receive the confirmation too.
Probably it’s in the suppression list too.

The email is working now.
Can we please get our email unblocked?

Sorry for the inconvenience

+1… try to verify for mutiple days. just to know because I’m new here. Is this service better than the registration? Looks like this is not working for mutiple days now.

It was but is not any longer, let us know if you encounter any issues.

You can always open account, registrar and billing tickets here,

@user30515 your email was also on the Suppression list, that can happen if you received an email from us and opted out at one point. But, you should be good to go now, let us know if you run into any issues.


Thank you very much! Verified successfully.


It seem I have the same issue, can’t change the email either. Help.

Not sure if you fixed it already, but it’s working now. Thanks. :smiley:


I hate to be that guy, but I also seem to be having this problem. The community verification came through immediately but the account/email verification for the main dashboard does not seem to come through.

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And… almost immediately after submitting my message above, the verification came through. If a change was made, thank you! If I was just being much too impatient, my apologies!


Thank you for confirming. Let us know if anything else comes up.


Hello Team,

Me too I have the same problem with the verification email. I tried many times and I don’t receive any email.
I little advice ?

Thank you