Vercel vs. Cloudflare Pages?

We have been using Cloudflare pages for the majority of our static sites since the inception of pages and enjoy it so far. In terms of features, what does Vercel offer over Pages? It seems they boast about their optimization and compression features, but it seems CF already have those implemented via DNS?

Pages doesn’t support SSR right now but it’s something they’re working on. That’s really the main thing which Vercel wins on right now. Otherwise, Pages is far supreme, way more PoPs (less latency), HTTP/3, brotli and other such technologies to improve loading times.

Pages also has a super cool community which hosts a very awesome blob named Walshy. I call this a definite plus haha. But seriously, if you have any questions or want to just ask people about their experiences with Pages vs other platforms please do join the community! I’m always around too if you have any questions. Invite: Cloudflare Workers


I believe that Pages is super inexpensive. Especially when compared to Vercel.


Vercel is cool, we tried using it in the past. However, you lose some features that (for us at least) are important.
Pages are cheap and won’t charge you for DDoS traffic.
Vercel advertises DDoS protection, but that protection is for their network and not the customer. Only enterprise customers get insights of L7 attacks.


Have you seen NextJS 12 that they released today? the feature list keeps compounding as I feel CF can definitely replicate or even out-compete Vercel being that they are a successful public traded company now.

Thanks for the discord invite! Never knew CF has a discord support channel.

I have, interestingly, their functions on edge is actually Cloudflare Workers. They’re using CF for their own platform, gotta say something :wink:

I haven’t had a chance to check it all out in full yet but it is a very promising future for this space and Pages especially!

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500 builds per month and no bandwidth cap… I think pages have everyone else beat lol.


Hi everyone, I actually use both Pages and Vercel for production hosting of Gatsby site, and I also used to use for a long time even before. So I have some experience with both Pages and Vercel.

I am currently using Vercel. Why? Because Vercel can handle build cache preserving. That is, it copies cache from previous build before starting current one. The Gatsby build, in turn, does not re-render what has not changed since the previous build, it just copy every thing from cache to public folder. It is especially make sense for images processing. Thus, a build time takes much less.

Building of my current website from scratch (no previous build cache is used) takes about 15 minutes on Pages and 16 minutes on Vercel.

But all my next builds on Vercel only take about 3 minutes. Any subsequent builds on Pages will take the same 15 minutes no matter what. Even if the change is a single one property in some css style.

If compare speed of actual hosting, in my subjective opinion, Pages is much faster. In particular, there is much less delay in the initial request of the page.

I use CloudFlare DNS (CDN) proxying for both cases.

If you are not going to update you site often, then Pages is better. If fast re-building is important to you, go Vercel.

Ideally, Pages should implement build cache handling. Then it will have no competitors for Jamstack hosting.

In addition, Pages only provides a ~24 minutes timeout for one build, Vercel 45. Thus, this is also the point where Pages also has to do a bit of work.

The last thing to note is that Vercel’s build time is always about the same. On the other hand, Pages does not guarantee you the same speed. Sometimes, as I mentioned, the build takes 15 minutes, and sometimes 18 minutes to build from the same code with minor changes in a single page. Therefore, there is no consistency on Pages. Because sometimes (I’ve had several such cases), building from the same code can take more than 24 minutes, and the build will crash (timeout-ed). So for me so far, despite the excellent speed, Pages is not reliable enough, because I’m not sure if I can publish the update I need in time or not. I’ve noticed that the computing resources allocated to you depend on whether it’s business time or not.


Any idea about uptime? Both about the same?

What exactly do you mean by uptime? Was the server temporarily unavailable to a visitors?

Few years ago, I was a Bluehost user for a long time, and an inaccessible server there, was a usual thing. Regular, I would say.

I don’t have any numbers, I don’t track uptime any how, but for the year, I’ve never encountered my website being unavailable online on either Vercel or Pages.

Also, as I said before, I shield my origin behind CloudFlare CDN, where Cloudflare’s Always Online feature is turned on by default. For a static site, even if origin is offline, Cloudflare’s CDN still serves cached assets. So, even if there was an origin downtime, I probably don’t even know about it. At least for popular and therefore cached pages of website.