Vercel Deployment Not Resolving with Cloudflare Domain

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I need help with an issue I’ve encountered while attempting to point my Vercel deployment to my Cloudflare domain.

I have successfully deployed my application on Vercel and have configured what I believe to be the correct DNS records in my Cloudflare account. I have previously accomplished this setup with my other domain names without any issues. However, for this specific domain, the deployment is not resolving as expected.

I have double-checked my DNS settings and everything appears to be in order, yet the problem persists. I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions from the community to help me identify and resolve this issue.

What is the domain/site URL?

I currently have it redirecting to the vercel url, but I want to use the actual domain name.

The domain is using Wix nameservers, not Cloudflare, and the subdomain doesn’t resolve…

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I’m not trying to use the domain. My problem is with I want it to resolve to the app hosted at

Sorry, wasn’t able to guess your domain.

Your domain is redirecting to your Vercel link for http…

For https, your Cloudflare edge SSL certificate doesn’t seem to be in place. Check here if Universal SSL is enabled…

If it is, try disabling it, wait 2-3 minutes, then re-enable it again.

I assume you can also set up a custom domain on Vercel and point the Cloudflare DNS at it instead of redirecting, but someone else will have to confirm that.

I’ve already tried that, which is why I posted this question in the first place.

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