[VentryShield] DNS Records Issue

I am currently facing a issue with my website after removing VentryShield, a popular L7 DDos Protection provider that is layered with Cloudflare from my domain. I removed their Custom Hostname TXT, ACME Challenge, and CName. After this, no traffic will work from my website, not even Cloudflare despite the name servers being untouched. I am not sure why this is happening, and I have attempted to put a Cloudflare Pages instance on the domain to see if that’ll fix it.

I have removed myself off VentryShield servers which proves it is not their issue as well as backed up by them.

That error looks like it is from the server, not Cloudflare.

Does the value of your :orange: CNAME record resolve properly?

I found the culprit behind the issue, I enabled UAM and it breaks my site even when it’s offline. I just re-enabled and it broke it again. Any way for Cloudflare to investigate?

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