Vendors list dispatch is blocked

Dear All,

I found a problem adding products for assigned vendors to my e-commerce website after cloudflare registration.

when I revised inmotion hosting team, they told me that cloudflare security feature blocked this dispatch.

you can see the problem by following below link:

please advise

You should see that Block event in your Firewall Events Log, then adjust security settings accordingly.

Dear sdayman,

thanks for your support,

I found 17 events have the path /startup123.php, but I couldn’t distinguish between them, what can I do to to solve the problem?

Should I go to “managed rules” or “settings”? what should I do there ?

A firewall event includes the rule (Service) that was violated. If you click on the down arrow for that event, it will show you more information.

Dear sdayman

I found that the rule group “Cloudflare specials” caused this problem so I turned it off.

thanks for your support.

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