Vendor billing

I am a vendor and my invoices are not paid by Cloudflare. What shall I do? What is the contact address? [email protected] is for billing Cloudflare customers not for vendor bills. Thx

Are you Cloudflare Partner? I mean, vendors who registered under Cloudflare Partner Program.

Shall we? We (Internet Szolgaltatok Tanacsa) are Cloudflare vendors since 2016.

If you are Cloudflare Partner, supposedly you already have contact info from someone in Cloudflare.

Not sure whether @cloonan can help you check on that.

I did a quick search, and cannot find a contact for Cloudflare Accounts Payable. This forum is the opposite end of the billing process, so we have little if any contact in the AP end of things. Do you have phone/email details on your purchase order?


I was sure this forum was for the customers, that’s OK. We don’t have a PO, we just send the invoices. This might be the problem.
If you couldn’t find a vendor billing contact, how could I do. Thanks for your effort anyway!

I’m a customer, so don’t have any contacts other than my own. One of the staff has been flagged, so he might be able to dig out something for you.

Hi @tgraur please send your request to [email protected]. Thank you.


Thx a lot!

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