Vectorize REST API for query

Hi, it’s possible to have a REST API for query in a vectorize index?

I see that we do have REST API to create the index and add vectors, so the only one missing is to query, this is part of the roadmap?

It would be interesting and paring with other solutions to be able to query by API instead of have to bind each index to a worker, for example in a multi-tenant enviroment

Separated questtion, it’s possible to filter by medatada fields and not only by the vector?

I believe the idea is that vector DB queries are done through a Cloudflare Worker. I am not sure about the metadata, but it has to be in the roadmap. Metadata is the best way to accelerate queries in other vector databases.

it would be nice if.

  • we can set a index dynamically from the worker, like a function that receives a string and returns the index without binding each one

  • filter by metadata

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any comment from the team?

I agree with completely with @sjcotto being ably to create indexes dynamically and query if they already exist is pretty important. As with filtering on meta.

Any indication that this is on the roadmap would be great

After a bit of searching I found the vectorize api docs which do say your can create and query indexes…

Just not clear how to achieve that from workers though

great, now seems to exists an API to query, it would be great to add filtering capabilities

another note:

in the insert vector API documentation is not clear the body, how to specify the ids and metadata alonside the vectors